Today's poem is by Dorothea Lasky

The changing of the seasons is life and death seen gently

Hello, The changing of the seasons is life and death seen gently,
Hello there
It ebbs and flows
I saw Fall go quietly into Winter
It is not like death
Green to yellow to orange to red to black
To a final white
It is not skin to blue
Fullness to stiffness
It is not the same
As a breeze that is one day colder
Maybe just slightly colder
Until the final cold
The eye of death goes out
It is life going out
The seasons happen gently, hello
Life does not
Brash, unexpected
It happens dramatically
Hatred, love
Murder, sex
It happens in a sort of violence
The seasons are not violent
The changing of the seasons is not a storm
You there
You will not go gently
And why should you?
The seasons they happen gently
They happen gently
And why shouldn't they?
Why shouldn't they, I ask you?
They know they will come again

Copyright © 2012 Dorothea Lasky All rights reserved
from Thunderbird
Waves Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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