Today's poem is by Jami Macarty

By Virtue of And

        Honey given : Honey taken
By virtue of and
we divide and separate: branching into
palo verde: green stick tree
precipitating yellow blossoms: green tree,
yellow blossoms: a mind sticks
on certain images, certain colors: phone's
ringing interrupts: it's the neighbor again
she wishes: someone would do something
about the bees: yellow blossoms
delicate, fluted: all the wind
they need blows: the blossoms let go
so easily: falling one
at a time: it's impossible to determine
the moment of separation: descent
a small scheme in the wind's master plan.

Copyright © 2012 Jami Macarty All rights reserved
from Beloit Poetry Journal
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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