Today's poem is by Daniela Olszewska

[ ] [ ], [    ] [ ]

since moving here, i've daunted
+ dandelioned—amply comfortable

in my thwarted status. zoned
for inverted temperatures,

staying this inconsequential
is easier than pleasing w/hooks.

the acres on the side accommodate
w/melodic roots. there are hums

+ drums happening all along
the inside of strongthrob ears.

i thought i would be tonedeaf
or lonely, but most late afternoons

are so symphony, it's knifed thru
any missing that might be trying

to grow unrequited on or in
or anywhere near my open palm.

Copyright © 2012 Daniela Olszewska All rights reserved
from Barn Owl Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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