Today's poem is by Derick Burleson

[It was so beautiful right before]

It was so beautiful right before
the end the storm moving out
clouds blown north wisping
dissolving devolving mist
in the wind faster than they
had ever maybe and then sun
days of brilliance delphinium
waist high but not in bloom
yet violet azure and poison
enough to kill a child sweet
peas too crimson fuchsia
pink and deadly. The North Pole
they predicted would be ice
free this year and nations
rushed to drop flags from submarines.
It was beautiful. I can't say how
cobalt the sky after the storm
blew out fast. Polar bears
hunting inland now walrus
crushing each other in panicked
rushes from the beach. She
rode the mare bareback to graze
the grass lush as mare's dreams
bluebells wild roses. The storm
overfilled the rain barrels and
the mountains gleamed snow
capped under between fleeing
clouds delphinium azure deeper
blue than the sky after the storm
before the end so beautiful there.

Copyright © 2012 Derick Burleson All rights reserved
from Melt
Marick Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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