Today's poem is by Mary Austin Speaker

For a Few Dollars More

As awkwardly as
always this city
will grow
after I and everyone
leave it
gets taller
cranes with their
pelican bills
swallowing air
placing each iron
twig in a notch
of its nest
till it's ready
to put by
its babies
little dreamers
of flight
tucked into desks
packets of sugar
if I or everyone
knew how to stop
getting taller
we could sing
all at once
our very
separate sounds
the air around us
won't stop
so we throw
our baseballs and hay
our bombshells trailing
each other like birds
following following
in an awkward fog
I and everyone
expand till we
are everywhere.

Copyright © 2012 Mary Austin Speaker All rights reserved
from Epiphany, a Literary Journal
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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