Today's poem is "Armadillo"

from Edison Literary Review

Renée Ashley Bio.

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July 5, 2005:   "Simple" "and the whole white sky descends a grain..."
December 8, 2004:  "Oh Yes Tomorrow Expect the Ordinary" "Oh Yes Tomorrow Expect the Ordinary..."

Books by Renée Ashley:

Other poems on the web by Renée Ashley:
Two poems
"Obsolete Angel"
"Sort of a Love Poem"
"The Revisionist's Dream (I,II,&III)"
"I Have a Theory about Reflection"

Renée Ashley's Website.

About Edison Literary Review:

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Edison Literary Review * 340 Raritan Center Parkway * Edison, New Jersey 08837
Editor: Gina Larkin

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October 22, 2006:   "The Whiner's Progress" by Stephen Dunn
October 21, 2006:   "Filipino Cats, Circa 1999" by Patrick Rosal

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