Today's poem is "Stork"

from Fourteen Hills

Rebecca Foust's books include All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song (Many Mountains Moving Book Prize, nominated for Poet's Prize, finalist for Paterson Prize) and God, Seed (2010 Foreward Book Prize of the Year Award). Recent poems in Hudson Review, Notre Dame Review, Sewanee Review, Smartish Pace, Woman's Review of Books, and elsewhere.

Other poems by Rebecca Foust in Verse Daily:
October 28, 2010:   "Perennial" "When you've gone, it won't matter to the musk rose..."
October 12, 2010:   "What You Work For" "Heft and hank of rope, halyard..."
September 12, 2010:   "Teleology" "In the seed lies all that it can ever be..."

Books by Rebecca Foust:

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Three poems
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"Lust Redeems Her Car from the Parking Valet"
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Rebecca Foust's Website.

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About Fourteen Hills:

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Fourteen Hills: The SFSU Review * Department of Creative Writing * San Francisco State University * 1600 Holloway Avenue * San Francisco, CA 94132-1722 Poetry Editors: Stephen Rosenshein
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