Today's poem is "Oh No She Didn't But Then She Did"

from Bone Bouquet

Mary Biddinger is the author of the poetry collections Prairie Fever (Steel Toe Books, 2007), Saint Monica (Black Lawrence Press, 2011), and O Holy Insurgency (Black Lawrence Press, forthcoming 2012), and co-editor of The Monkey and the Wrench: Essays into Contemporary Poetics (U Akron Press, 2011). Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Barrelhouse, Bat City Review, Blackbird, Devil's Lake, Forklift, Ohio, H NGM_N, iO, Redivider, and South Dakota Review. She teaches literature and creative writing at The University of Akron, where she directs the NEOMFA program. She also edits Barn Owl Review, the Akron Series in Poetry, and the Akron Series in Contemporary Poetics.

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Books by Mary Biddinger:

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