Today's poem is "Terra Incognita"
from To find a new beauty

Gold Wake Press

Andrea Witzke Slot teaches at The University of Illinois at Chicago and is an associate editor at Rhino Poetry as well as the book review editor for Fifth Wednesday Journal. Her work has appeared in such places as Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Translation Review, Chiron Review, Written River: A Journal of Eco-Poetics, The Pacific Review, Southern Women's Review, and PENA International. In 2006, a series of her poems appeared in translation in the anthology Contemporary American Poetry/Poezia bashkekohore amerikane (published by the Albanian International Centre of Culture) alongside ten representative U.S. poets, including Alicia Ostricker, Ted Kooser, Gary Snyder, and Arthur Sze. She travels to England regularly but calls Chicago home, where she lives with her youngest of her five children/stepchildren, her husband, and her crazy West Highland terrier, Macbeth. To find a new beauty is her first full-length collection.

Books by Andrea Witzke Slot:

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Andrea Witzke Slot's Website.

About To find a new beauty:

"Andrea Witzke Slot’s To find a new beauty is rich with cool, intelligent and carefully crafted poems that often have a subtext of terror and darkness. She uses a variety of personae—including Penelope, Eurydice, Io, the nymph on Keat’s Grecian urn, a woman who marries her sister’s widower and others—in land- [and sea-] scapes that are powerful personae too in these poems."
—Marge Piercy

"In the background of Andrea Witzke Slot’s To find a new beauty glimmers the controlling metaphor of the Biblical garden; in the foreground is the body’s desire, longing that reveals itself in tensions that roil between origin and some possible, almost imaginable, end point…This is a volume of poetry, then, celebrating animation, celebrating pilgrimage not so much in its common religious or secular senses, but rather in a qualified archetypal sense; that is, these poems trace the human quest to recover the sacred via the potential transformative powers inherent in human agency."
—John Hoppenthaler

"How have you been haunted? To find a new beauty, Andrea Witzke Slot's first book of poems, enumerates the many ways that elegy, witnessing, and the dead haunt the living. With elegies that at once celebrate the dead and long for their touch, To find a new beauty is interested in just that—finding a beauty in the refuse, in what is left, in the hulking remains of grief."
—Roger Reeves

"Slot’s work stands equal with that of Snyder and Oliver. With bewitching language, she pulls the reader into a gentle current of rolling imagery. Suspended within the flow of these pages, I was carried to a place of calm reflection."
—L.M. Browning

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