Today's poem is "The Edge of the Field"

from Asheville Poetry Review

Al Maginnes is the author of Ghost Alphabet, which won the 2007 White Pine Poetry Prize and was published by White Pine Press in 2008. In 2010, he published two chapbooks, Between States (Main Street Rag Press) and Greatest Hits 1987-2010 (Pudding House Publications). He has new or forthcoming poems in Salamander, Hampden Sydney Poetry Review, Steel Toe Review, Packinghouse Review, Poem, Birmingham Poetry Review and a number of others. Maginnes lives in Raleigh and teaches at Wake Technical Community College.

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Books by Al Maginnes:

Other poems on the web by Al Maginnes:
Five poems
"Against Relapse"
Four poems
"The Gravities of Landscape"
"Parenthood as One Version of the Afterlife"
"What Goes Unsaid"
Two poems

Al Maginnes's Blog.

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