Today's poem is by Howard Wright

This Far Away

Absolutes of water and atmosphere wait for us
across barbed wire, the distance rubbed flat, and the rustle
of waves held by the cave's cold-collecting dark.

Raffish, roof-high vertical sheep. A gargle of seagulls
against the grain of dunes; a turquoise sea caught
in every dip and cut between rough land and gables ...

A cat pours itself over a wall. A canny dog adopts
and trails us like a dangerous thought we want forgotten.
It turns out the sky is one of two things, a Magritte
or a blue and white cow. But such interruptions are rare

because we think this far away nothing will happen,
yet when we get there we are different — brash, louder,
more flush, less impatient — with enough to drink
and space to roam and never retrace our conjoined steps.

Copyright © 2011 Howard Wright All rights reserved
from King of Country
The Black Staff Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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