Today's poem is by Stan Mir

The Development of Mathmatics

As it is now, you're back from fishing.
On the wall you carve what fish.
Trout, salmon mainly, some
unnamed parts of algebra.

You want this wall to represent,
terms of figures, life
as it is ordered.

When the bird flaps its wings
you chop at air. Everything
is unbending.

The fins, as your arms, make
the wall red or violet
depending on who sees it.

One of your children leaves a tent,
wanders near water, matches x
with why you vanished in the particular.

Your head's a shadow over the anonymous
shape. You take the outline of your ears,
sketch where they are on the wall, to create
your first god, uncertified into faith.

Copyright © 2011 Stan Mir All rights reserved
from The Lacustrine Suite
Pavement Saw Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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