Today's poem is by Bridget Talone

Overture to a Legend

The only person I ever wanted
to drown
                in my whole life was
Paul Bunyan. Probably on
account of

the way he talked to women. It
was watery.
                    He sort of leaked out
everywhere, pausing now & then
to pick birds off

his shirt. His chest was so vast &
                    I guess the birds didn't
know what to do & they'd fall
asleep. Their

sleep was like dead trees. It was
serious. But
                  try telling that to Paul.

Maybe it was the way he talked
about women.
                        I think a lot of things
must've looked like cans of beer
to Paul Bunyan.

Copyright © 2011 Bridget Talone All rights reserved
from Salt Hill Journal
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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