Today's poem is by Russ Kesler

Letter to Laundry on the Line

All day our business carries us past you,
white blaze at the corner of the eye.
Even the hands that pinned you there
have turned for a while to other things.

Still, we should acknowledge
your humility, your readiness
to shape yourselves to our uses.
You remind us of what transpires
while we are elsewhere,
how the shadows of hawks and clouds
conform to the landscape,
how the songbirds' proofs
fill the silence and fall out of it.

You swing in a sweet wind,
semblance of our bodies,
bright squares sun dried.
In our absence, you try on
the days we have left.

Copyright © 2011 Russ Kesler All rights reserved
from As If
Wind Publications
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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