Today's poem is by Julia Cohen

Hello, Kickstand

Insect recipes & a performance pitted
to jowl you into the bushes

Perfume is your child-size fist
squishing flowers in a Dixie cup

A white undershirt in the sprinkler
Without antique anger without changing
your clothes for the neighbor

A parent twirling the telephone cord
like jump-rope

When you measure attention you alter it
Milk drained to surface the blueberries

Spit out your teeth as water ticks
into the plum-dusk, hangnail, something
to suck the blood from, carnivorous-like

A prayer for the right combination of chemicals
to make early adolescence enjoyable

Drive my bike through the shield of water
for a kitchen-yell

It's always supper when you look up
at a parent

Beetles already pinned to the wall
A better way to finish than I have
Your light along the stairwell like a curfew

Copyright © 2011 Julia Cohen All rights reserved
from Triggermoon Triggermoon
Black Lawrence Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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