Today's poem is by William Trowbridge


"Just turn it on, when I tell you to," says God,
ready to have the bubonic plague sucked up
and shot into the Crab Nebula before it can harm a single
14th-Century soul. "Any fool can do it," He snaps,
as Fool fumbles at the controls of a galactic Hoover
brought forth for the occasion. "Like this?" says Fool.

"Moron!" God thunders, watching a snot-green cloud
pour out of His perfect wand for hard-to-reach places.
"They're going to crucify Me in the broadsides." Could be worse,
thinks Fool, back-draft whistling through his hands and feet.

Copyright © 2011 William Trowbridge All rights reserved
from Ship of Fool
Red Hen Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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