Today's poem is by Rachel Bennett


People caution, "Dublin
has changed," which is another
way of saying, "I'm afraid
to forget who I was." Whether
Dublin changed or not, Dublin
would change. Eye doctors
are never out of work.
Perhaps we can know where
we are but not how fast
we're going. If Dublin is not
nostalgic for our hand-me-down
selves, why can't we take
the ravens with the sold signs?
The smell of the sea's perpetual,
the watercolor skies. Exactly
the right things are immutable.
And sometimes change is
immutable and its circling
back. The young proprietress
considering whether to buy
new glass jars to display
the scones is as old
and charmed as the gone bookstalls
on Bachelors Walk and Aston's
Quay. As old and charmed as
the Glasnevin ghosts and the day,
years ago, when we met.

Copyright © 2011 Rachel Bennett All rights reserved
from Smartish Pace
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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