Today's poem is by Tom Holmes

March 22, 2000, at This Stone

This man who mumbles,
who walks with quick shuffles,
follows his shoes through the dust.
Then stops and squats
with a wonder.
He raises & reveals
the stone's belly to the sky.
He spins in the grassless circle.
He closes his eyes & faces the horizon.
With his right hand to his forehead
he sings, "Torero, torero, torero.
Be gone." With opening eyes,
he sees a mountain
with lions on either side
sink in foaming water,
& glimpses dolphins, flying fish,
octopi, & one tree. He blinks.
Goats & birds arrive. He lowers
the stone's belly to the ground
& finds himself back in town.

Copyright © 2011 Tom Holmes All rights reserved
from The Oldest Stone in the World
Amsterdam Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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