Today's poem is "Poem Asleep"
from Absentia

Penguin Poets

William Stobb's debut collection, Nervous Systems, was a 2006 National Poetry Series winner. His poems have appeared in American Poetry Review, Denver Quarterly, and MiPOesias. He lives in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

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About Absentia:

"Parable, ghost story, lyric, experimental novel, contemplation of history and death while filling the kiddie pool, all find thrillingly new formal play in the poems of William Stobb. Absentia does not shy from the erasures that trouble an attentive mind, but never has absence felt so rich with presences. Stobb writes with ease, wit, conversational jags, and deliciously terse eloquence. The vitality of these poems, the necessity of their questioning, makes life feel deep and strange and satisfying. I so admire this fine work as it quarries that most basic task of asking 'what the day/ requires and what the life.'"
—Alison Hawthorne Deming

"William Stobb's poems pay compassionate attention to the phenomenal clarity of moments. He gives us stories that feel like photographs, full of specificity and mystery all at once. In these condensed narratives we find a meditative center where `In a long moment of mutual regard/ some recognition opened.' There is a human being watching and listening and living to tell behind each line of this reader-friendly poetry, and I am glad to hear his tale."
—Elizabeth Scanlon

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