Today's poem is "After the Fever: A Pastoral"
from The City, Our City

Milkweed Editions

Wayne Miller is the author of The Book of Props, which was named the “Best New Book of Poetry of 2009” by Coldfront Magazine, and Only the Senses Sleep, which received the William Rockhill Nelson Award in 2007. He is also the translator of I Don’t Believe in Ghosts, a collection by Albanian poet Moikom Zeqo, and the editor, with Kevin Prufer, of New European Poets. The recipient of the Lucille Medwick Memorial Award, the George Bogin Memorial Award, a Ruth Lilly Fellowship, and the Bess Hokin Prize, Miller currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and teaches at the University of Central Missouri, where he co-edits Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing.

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Books by Wayne Miller:

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About The City, Our City:

"Wayne Miller has written an astonishing book-length sequence. The City, Our City moved and entertained me in the oddest, most compelling ways. Miller’s scope is as large as anyone’s in his generation."
—David Rivard

"These poems are liberating in their strangeness and at the same time they compel us. Their voices are ours, cut into myth."
—Ilya Kaminsky

"Any City’s name might be scrawled in the open wound—Baghdad, New York, Dresden, Tel Aviv, El Fasher. These poems deal with that last trace of movement at the end of things."
—Eleni Sikelianos

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