Today's poem is "Elegy as a Red Dress"

from Pleiades

Victoria Chang's most recent book is Salvinia Molesta (University of Georgia Press, 2008)

All the poems by Victoria Chang that have appeared on Verse Daily:
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August 26, 2009:   "Dear P. XII" "When you fall onto the floor, your cry..."
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April 28, 2006:   "The Professor's Lover" " Dogs barking, wind blowing, how I never get..."
January 18, 2005:  "To Want" "To wait is to want more...."

Books by Victoria Chang:

Other poems on the web by Victoria Chang:
"Elegy as a Strand of Hair"
"Seven Reasons for Divorce"
"The Guests"
Three poems
"Edward Hopper Study: Hotel Room"
"Love Poem as Eye Examination"

Victoria Chang's Blog.

Victoria Chang's Home Page.

About Pleiades:

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Pleaides: A Journal of New Writing * Department of English * Central Missouri State University * Warrensburg, MO 64093 Editor: Kevin Prufer * Wayne Miller

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