Today's poem is "The Owl"
from Another Word For Love

Finishing Line Press

Sarah Stern grew up in New York City, the youngest of seven children and the only girl. She graduated from Barnard College and Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. She has worked as a journalist, editor, writer, and press officer. She is a four-time winner of the Bronx Council on the Arts' BRIO Award for Poetry.

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Books by Sarah Stern:

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Two poems

About Another Word For Love:

"In Another Word for Love, Sarah Stern searches for meaning in a broken world. She delights in things around her, whether the El in New York or trees in New Hampshire, finding in them keys to her inner life. I read this book in the light of her clarity, exactitude, and fine intelligence."
—Grace Schulman

"Sarah Stern is a serious poet whose subject is knowledge: how do we know what we know, about love, snowstorms, shooting stars, the zoo, appetite? In these lucid, disarming poems, full of gravitas, even the elm tells her its secrets, under its ‘cathedral of dappled light.’"
—Cynthia Zarin

"Vivid and opaque, innocent and sophisticated, Sarah Stern's poems in Another Word for Love are so full of life, never more than when they hint at death, that they refuse to sit still on the page. It's us she's catching in these glimmering nets."
—Karen Durbin

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