Today's poem is "Animal Dark"
from No Eden

Mayapple Press

Sally Rosen Kindred is author of Garnet Lanterns, winner of the Anabiosis Press Chapbook Prize. A Margaret Knight Sanford Creative Writing Scholar at Duke University, she received her MFA from the University of Maryland. Her awards include the Anne Flexner Poetry Prize, an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Maryland State Arts Council, and a residency at the Mary Anderson Center for the Arts. She has taught creative writing at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth. She lives in Columbia, Maryland.

Books by Sally Rosen Kindred:

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Sally Rosen Kindred's Website.

About No Eden:

"Kindred's first book is set in a blessed half-light a South Carolina evening fragrant with apples, the 'boiling quiet' of a kitchen, or, in a series of poems inspired by Noah's story, the crowded hold of an ark, where adders lurk in the warm straw. These densely resonant poems testify to danger and grief but they also smolder with love, gratitude, and awe. Having endured her own flood of 'wolf-colored waves,' and fully acknowledging how predatory the world can be, Kindred plants herself on earth and insists, Survive with me."
—Lesley Wheeler

"In her debut collection, No Eden, Sally Rosen Kindred finds amidst the broken world of grief and loss and longing the promise of a lost heaven. These poems, exquisitely tuned by the poet's meticulous and luxuriant ear, at once demotic and scriptural in their music, evoke with equal vibrancy the great sorrows of childhood and the poet's wonder at the world's unbridled fruitfulness. 'God / may or may not be there, in the firm grasp / through the cloven air, the whisk of leaves,' she writes in 'American Sweetgum.' Hers is a vision that relishes the presences of things as well as their kindred relationships in a wider immanence that transcends us but of which we are irreducibly a part--her name bespeaking the living source behind the work. This is a poetry of lush anointings."
—Daniel Tobin

"There's an intimate theology in Sally Rosen Kindred's No Eden floods, loss, betrayal and perhaps a slow quiet mercy and forgiveness. No Eden reveals a wisdom older than the tongue that speaks to us. The cast of characters--Noah and the Raven, Lilith and the Four Horsemen, the Virgin Mary, Eve, a mother and a young girl under an apple tree--are woven in a song of broken trust where 'the Lord seems too wrecked with anger.' But Kindred does not leave us there, bereft: in the end No Eden may just offer enough comfort for us to believe that there once was an Eden and even if it is there no more, its having existed offers us hope that there may still be an Eden within, an Eden we can somehow attain through beauty, luck and hope."
—Rick Campbell

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