Today's poem is "Actual Animals"

from Southern Indiana Review

Rebecca Hazelton attended The University of Notre Dame for her MFA in poetry and completed her PhD at Florida State University. She was awarded a fellowship year as the Jay C. and Ruth Hall Poetry Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Creative Writing Institute, and also received a fellowship from Vermont Studio Center. Her poetry has appeared in The Gettysburg Review, Salt Hill, Puerto del Sol, American Book Review, and Pleiades, and D.A. Powell chose "Book of Janus" for inclusion in Best New Poets 2011. Hazelton teaches creative writing at Beloit College.

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"Itís Springtime, Elise, and Youíre Missing All of It"
"[A narrow Fellow in the Grass]"

Rebecca Hazelton's Website.

Rebecca Hazelton on Twitter.

About Southern Indiana Review:

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