Today's poem is "Andrew Wyeth, Painter, Dies at 91"
from Cloud of Ink

University of Iowa Press

L. S. Klatt teaches American literature and creative writing at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His poems have appeared in such journals as the Boston Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Denver Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, Chicago Review, FIELD, Cincinnati Review, jubilat, Colorado Review, the Iowa Review, Eleven Eleven, and Verse. His first book, Interloper, won the Juniper Prize for Poetry.

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About Cloud of Ink:

"L. S. Klatt’s new collection creates a taxonomy of mystery, magic, surprise. Like a cloud, it floats through the reader’s mind with playful shapeliness—but like ink, it leaves a darker, and lasting, impression."
—Robert N. Casper

"’I am adrift in a burned-out canoe / without a helmsman.’ If you’ve ever felt like this, then L. S. Klatt’s Cloud of Ink should offer you some kind of cold—in this case the right kind of cold—comfort. Klatt’s poems broadcast elegiac tones and redemptive notes; their combinations underscore the conviction we know by poetry’s precisions, in some places and at some times felt as hope in spite of despair."
—Dara Wier

"Swinging between the midwestern vernacular of James Wright and the vexed wistfulness of Richard Hugo, these poems are nearly unquotable, so tightly joined are they of languages variously plainspoken and wildly swooping. Klatt’s seemingly spare and diffuse lyrics artfully assemble a complex and rich vision, generous in intention, provocative in enactment, ecstatic in spirit. A wild and welcome collection of poems from an exciting and dynamic thinker."
—Kazim Ali

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