Today's poem is "City Rain"
from Takes Guts and Years Sometimes

NYQ Books

Linda Lerner is a New York City Poet, born and raised in Brooklyn where she now lives. She is the author of thirteen poetry collections and has been twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her most recent collections are: Something Is Burning In Brooklyn, (Iniquity Press / Vendetta books, 2009), Living In Dangerous Times (Presa Press, 2007) & City Woman, (March Street Press,2006 ; (The last two were Small Press Reviews' Pick of the Month) In 1995, she and Andrew Gettler founded POETS on the line the first poetry anthology available on the internet. For Nos. 6&7 (1997/98) the Vietnam Veterans / Poets issue she received a 1997 Puffin Foundations Grant & Ludwig Vogelstein Grant. POETS on the line will be kept permanently on the Net, though it ceased publication with the Millennium issue, (9&10). Her poems have appeared in The New York Quarterly, Louisiana Review, Paterson Literary Review, Onthebus, Van Gogh's Ear, Home Planet News, BigCityLit, Chance of A Ghost Anthology, Ragged Lion Anthology, Big Hammer, and Danse Macabre.

Books by Linda Lerner:

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About Takes Guts and Years Sometimes:

"As one of Whitman's children, Linda Lerner's poems are breathless and pulsing, alive with a hunger to taste, devour, smell, witness and embrace. She is insatiable, open, doesn’t want to miss anything. The poems have an urgency. She is famished for life, is starved for what is hot and spicy, real and she takes risks, refusing to settle. Fascinated by people, she writes movingly not just about her self and her lovers but about her family with its Russian immigrant roots and background and conflict and pain but also about ordinary people in the Bowery, old men and ruined women, the woman in a box, the young with their hormones bursting. She makes the city shimmer with its smells—pastrami and rye and cream soda, smoke, tar, sewer smells, garbage—the beauties and terrors—the World Trade Center attacks, the dangerous streets she refuses to let scare her away. Even the poems of the blues and rawness of life celebrate in the way the blues celebrate."
—Lyn Lifshin

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