Today's poem is "And A Third Autumn"
from With This Night

University of Texas Press

Leah Goldberg (19111970) was the author of nine collections of poetry, three plays, three novels, a memoir, literary criticism, children's stories, and translations of Ibsen, Petrarch, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, and other classical and modern poets and novelists. Shortly after her death, Goldberg received Israel's highest honor, the Israel Prize.

Annie Kantar is the recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize and a Fulbright Scholarship. Her poems and translations have appeared in journals such as The American Literary Review, Barrow Street, and Tikkun.

Books by Leah Goldberg:

Other poems on the web by Leah Goldberg:
Three poems
"Toward Myself"

Other poems on the web by Annie Kantar:
"Summer Project"

About With This Night:

"Annie Kantar's versions of Leah Goldberg's late poems bring into English Goldberg's signature combination of resonant clarity and crystalline musicality, and the result is a marvelous translation of what is arguably Goldberg's most powerful book. With This Night lets the English reader eavesdrop on modern Hebrew poetry in one of its finest hours."
—Peter Cole

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