Today's poem is "Interview: Antique Iron Bed"
from Second-Skin Rhinestone-Spangled Nude Soufflé Chiffon Gown

Cider Press Review

Landon Godfrey is a poet, artist, and actress who also works as an editor and teacher. Her poem have appeared in journals and anthologies, including The Southeast Review, Lyric, POOL, Cimarron Review, Studium in Polish translation, and Best New Poets 2008. Landon's work has been featured as a collaborative project at Broadside and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She was born and raised in Washington D.C., and now lives in Black Mountain, NC.

Books by Landon Godfrey:

Other poems on the web by Landon Godfrey:
"Vole" Landon Godfrey's Website.

Landon Godfrey on Twitter.

About Second-Skin Rhinestone-Spangled Nude Soufflé Chiffon Gown:

"Never has the sumptuous materiality of language felt more seductive than in Landon Godfrey’s remarkable debut collection, Second-Skin Rhinestone-Spangled Nude Soufflé Chiffon Gown. These exquisite poems are both sensually compelling and intellectually rigorous—a rare feat indeed. The iridescence of this marvelous volume continues to glow long after one has turned out the lights. Don’t be without this book a moment longer."
—David St. John

"There is an essential solitude, one human wish, at the heart of Landon Godfrey s elegant, erotic, fanciful, festive, stylish, Stevensian poems, which beguile us with their glamours and move us with their truths."
—Edward Hirsch

"The secret of Landon Godfrey s fresh and compelling poems seems to lie in their unexpected combination of lushness and asperity. How is it possible to be at once so lavish and so austere? Receiving a kiss, this speaker tells us, she felt like the earth kissed by a homesick traveler --/ splendid in my borrowed costume of dirt and air. How delightful the finery put on in this splendid debut of a book, and how wise the poet is to let those gorgeous robes fall away, too, to the poor bare clay beneath them: in that tension lives this poet s prodigious art."
—Mark Doty

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