Today's poem is "Drone & Buck"
from Underdog

The University of Washington Press

Katrina Roberts is the Mina Schwabacher Professor in English and the Humanities and the Paul Garrett Fellow in the Humanties at Whitman College. She is author of Friendly Fire, Winner of the Idaho Prize in Poetry; How Late Desire Looks, which won the Peregrine Smith Poetry Prize; and The Quick, an early volume in the Pacific Northwest Series. Her work appears in The Pushcart Prize Anthology, Best American Poetry, and The Bread Loaf Anthology of New American Poets, among other anthologies.

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January 30, 2011:   "Cursing Pot" "Mired I was on that steep fuzzed bank where the fence..."

Books by Katrina Roberts:

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"Their Flight is Practically Silent"
"Malleus, Incus, Stapes"
Four poems
Four poems

Katrina Roberts's Website.

About Underdog:

"In Katrina Roberts’ limber hands ‘underdog’ means heroic, it means comic and incendiary, earthly and ascendant: ‘the quotidian marrying the mythic.’ I finished this terrific book feeling I’d witnessed countless feats of transformation, countless revelatory assaults on the commonplace. Only a poet this assured and restless could make our ordinary world an enchantment. These are generous, resonating poems."
—Terrance Hayes

"Not all poets can love a world as alternately beautiful and decayed as ours, and not all poems can sustain us with the complex, far-reaching vision and hope we need. But in Katrina Roberts we have a poet who companions herself to hard histories, to ancient proverbs, and to her own family, and finds in each an endurance to save us into the next day’s reckoning. Underdog is a book that sees, that sees and goes on in spite of what it consequently discerns--which is, we accept, the only way to stay alive."
—Katie Ford

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