Today's poem is "Love Song"
from Transistor Rodeo

The University of Utah Press

Jon Wilkins is a professor at the Santa Fe Institute. His poetry has been published in Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Mobius, The Midday Moon, River King Poetry Supplement, Harvard Advocate, Georgia Poetry Review, Abbey, Chaffin Journal, and Moon Reader.

Books by Jon Wilkins:

Jon Wilkins's Blog.

Jon Wilkins's Website.

About Transistor Rodeo:

"First off you need to know how much fun Jon Wilkins's Transistor Rodeo is: a whole lot, a thousand afternoons of brainy, brawling, fragrant, dazzling microscopic daisies. Very few books deliver as much electricity per line, per poem, as this one does, and fewer still can sustain that charge until, crackling, imagination flashes and gives way to beauty. Whether prayer or sonnet, parable, love song, or theorem, or frequently more than one of these, a Wilkins poem ambles and darts, hesitates, notices its surroundings, changes direction, exults, and delivers us into an entirely new place. Are we changed by reading this? I think we are. Wilkins is an alchemist. Wilkins should be your alchemist."
—Ander Monson

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