Today's poem is "I Foresee the Breaking of All That Is Breakable"
from Kingdom Come

C&R Press

John Estes directs the Creative Writing Program at Malone University in Canton, Ohio, where he lives with his wife and sons.

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November 10, 2009:   "Stray Paragraphs, February, Year of the Rat" "Why we resist coming after, coming second, coming late..."

Books by John Estes:

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"Round About"
"Last Supper"

John Estes's Website.

About Kingdom Come:

"John Estes’ poems—precise, quizzical, erudite, playful—remind us of the revelatory work wit can do when matched to a sensuous mind."
—Michele Glazer

"These are the poems of the perplexed. More specifically, they are the poems of the perplexed but good-humored, the perplexed but well-disposed—an all but forgotten species of intellectual whose lineage includes Chesterton, Orwell, and Lippmann. They are, moreover, poems that treat domestic life—life in common—with due respect, and with intermittent awe."
—Scott Cairns

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