Today's poem is "From the Undergrowth"
from Accounted For

Red Hen Press

Jeannine Savard was born in Glens Falls, New York. She is the author of three previous books of poems: Snow Water Cove, first published by the University of Utah Press, and reissued in Carnegie Melton's Classic Trumpeter, Carnegie Melton University Press, and My Hand Upon Your Name, Red Hen Press. She is an Associate Professor of English, teaching Creative Writing workshops at Arizona State University for the past 25 years. She lives with her husband, Borislav Delov, in Tempe, Arizona.

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About Accounted For:

"I have always treasured the poised imagistic richness of Jeannine Savard's poetry. Her powerful narrative intelligence is equaled only by her superb lyric eloquence. Deeply spiritual and yet profoundly worldly, the poems in her new book Accounted For evolve as complex reckonings with the determined transience of our lives. In any accounting of the heart there could be no better abacus than this remarkable collection of poems."
—David St. John

"It is odd how the old Kabbalists, when interpreting our dreams, focused on the search for lost innocence. This is the very brilliant villain or motive in Jeannine Savardís fourth collection of poems, Accounted For. These poems hurl imaginal pictures across a musical membranous tablet of time past and time future. Rilke thought this was the genius of the Childrenís Hour. Things to hear, things to see, and the original terror. What an important and memorable book this is!"
—Norman Dubie

"What Jeannine Savard accounts for in her new book is a complex range of human experience and emotion, in poems marked by their urgency, their fierce music. Schooled in the harsh lessons of History, deeply read in Buddhism, and blessed with an unerring instinct for the revelatory detail, she discovers meaning everywhere, from the scuttling of a lizard in the sand to the musings of a clerk at The Quick Stop to the Book of Changes, and records it with love and fideliity. This is a book of wisdom literature for a dark and frantic time, a radiant field in which 'Everything's here for us, and nothing is ours.' What strange and instructive consolation Jeannine Savard offers in these poems—and what light."
—Christopher Merrill

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