Today's poem is "Beggar's Cup"
from The Memory of Water

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Jack Myers (1941-2009) spanned five decades, during which time he authored/edited nineteen books of and about poetry. His many awards include two NEA Fellowships and the 1985 National Poetry Series selected by Seamus Heaney, who described Myers’ work as "wise in the pretense of just fooling around." A much-loved teacher, Jack helped hundreds of poets find their voice through the creative writing programs at Vermont College and Southern Methodist University, as well as during residencies from Idaho to Prague. From 1993-95, he served as co-Vice-President for AWP and co-founded, with his wife, Thea Temple, The Writer’s Garret literary center in Dallas; in 2003-04 he was selected to be the Poet Laureate of Texas.

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"Dark Matter"
"Black Loam"

Jack Myers according to Wikipedia.

About The Memory of Water:

"What a wonderful gift to have these last poems by Jack Myers. It is a book I wouldn’t be without. Jack was a quintessentially American poet. He wrote in a distilled American idiom with a wiseguy humor that is truly wise. He honored the past, and the future, too, but knew a poet's work was to strive for the elusive eternal present. Poetry, for Jack, is the art of the elusive, which is where mystery resides. Poetry, for Jack, was making up his prayer. He knew he might never arrive at some all-explaining religion, but, damn, he had a beautiful prayer."
—Stuart Dybek

"Jack Myers, most generous and indelible of poets—your voice remains strong and sustaining forever. Thanks for continuing to write even when the going got really, really rough. Your wit and wisdom abide in compelling, honest bounty. If we read you, we cannot lose you."
—Naomi Shihab Nye

"However casually, and against all odds, Jack Myers’ poems cried out, and argued with themselves, for consolation. Disappointment is the seeker’s life. And in these last, wise, beautifully rendered poems, he’s given us the message of his yearning, and so consoled himself. My heart is broken."
—Ralph Angel

"Jack Myers delivers his poems with disarming honesty and a gritty sense of humor."
—Billy Collins

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