Today's poem is "Late December"
from The Oldest Hands in the World

Black Lawrence Press

Daniele Pantano is a Swiss poet, translator, critic, and editor born of Sicilian and German parentage in Langenthal (Canton of Berne). His individual poems, essays, and reviews, as well as his translations from the German by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Georg Trakl, and Robert Walser, have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous magazines, journals, and anthologies, including Absinthe: New European Writing, The Baltimore Review, The Cortland Review, Gradiva: International Journal of Italian Poetry, Italian Americana, Jacket, The Mailer Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, Versal, and 32 Poems Magazine. His next books, The Oldest Hands in the World (a collection of poems), Oppressive Light: Selected Poems by Robert Walser, and The Collected Works of Georg Trakl, are forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press. Pantano has taught at the University of South Florida and served as the Visiting Poet-in-Residence at Florida Southern College. He divides his time between Switzerland, the United States, and England, where he’s Senior Lecturer and Director of Creative Writing at Edge Hill University.

Books by Daniele Pantano:

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About The Oldest Hands in the World:

"'I make a dish out of nothing' could be a poetic creed as well as a line from a Daniele Pantano poem, for he is an expert in molding the shapelessness of experience into a variety of crafted forms. A romantic with a sharp intelligence, Pantano gives us poems where heart and mind move together as on a verbal bicycle built for two."
—Billy Collins

"Fierce, uncompromising and completely authentic, The Oldest Hands in the World is a remarkable debut collection. Scratch that--The Oldest Hands in the World is a remarkable collection, period."
—Jay Hopler

"The poems of Swiss-born Daniele Pantano are shadowed by travel and exile, rich with history, music, and a love of language. Sensuous, dramatic and intelligent, The Oldest Hands in the World is a stirring introduction to a strong and talented young poet."
—Peter Meinke

"Who is brave enough to attempt the world? Daniele Pantano succeeds in this new book, evoking the world of cathedrals, arches, nights that cascade into history. It is a welcome world he illuminates. He gives us our own names back to us, familiar and unfamiliar, but ours in the newness of old possession. The Oldest Hands in the World caress us warmly, and make us thankful for the embrace. Read this world like your life."
—Nicholas Samaras

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