Today's poem is "The confession of an apricot"
from Curses and Wishes

Louisiana State University Press

Carl Adamshick received an Oregon Literary Fellowship from Literary Arts and is a cofounder of Tavern Books. His poems have appeared in the American Poetry Review, The Harvard Review, The Missouri Review, American Poet, and Narrative magazine.

Books by Carl Adamshick:

Other poems on the web by Carl Adamshick:
"The solitude of an apricot"
"OUr Flag"

About Curses and Wishes:

"This tone of voice, Carl Adamshick's, is a new one, a voice that cannot be faked and bears the marks of having been earned. The voice is at once intimate and cool-and mysterious. The content of the poetry is quiet yet raw, reticent yet voluptuous, and complex-complex as a wine may be said to be complex. Adamshick has found ways to express emotions hard to pin down."
—Marvin Bell

"Many of us have been wishing for this book for years, and cheer its mighty arrival! Carl Adamshick reminds us what poetry, in its finest, most potent manifestations, can do."
—Naomi Shihab Nye

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