Today's poem is "Getting Serious"
from Vinculum

Louisiana State University Press

Alice Friman is the author of four books of poetry, including Zoo and The Book of the Rotten Daughter. She is poet-in-residence at Georgia College & State University and professor emerita of English and creative writing at the University of Indianapolis.

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Books by Alice Friman:

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About Vinculum:

"Brilliant language, startling imagery, fiercely accurate allusion, and bravery deserving a medal are the elements that create this explosion of masterful poetry. From what it means to be a woman in America to love's variations to history's baleful legacies and the Holocaust, there is nothing from which Friman flinches."
—Kelly Cherry

"In this time of division, financial woe, and war, it's good to come across so self-assured and wise a vision as Alice Friman's. She has found a way to express grief, history, and the pleasures of sexual love with a welcoming lyrical voice, warm humor, and classical restraint. It's a voice that feels both timely and necessary.'... a brilliant sun / splashing down a merriment of leaves'—indeed."
—Philip Schultz

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