Today's poem is "The Door"
from Silent Music

Salmon Poetry

Adam Wyeth was born in Sussex in 1978, and has lived in Co. Cork for ten years. He was a prize winner of The Fish International Poetry Competition, 2009; and a runner-up of The Arvon International Poetry Competition, 2006. His poems have appeared in several anthologies including, The Best of Irish Poetry 2010, Dogs Singing: A Tribute Anthology (2010), Landing Places (2010), Something Beginning with P (2004), and The Arvon 25th Anniversary Anthology (2006). His work has appeared in numerous literary journals, including The Stinging Fly, The SHOp, Southword, Poetry London and Magma. He was a featured poet in Agenda, 2008 and 2010, and selected for the Poetry Ireland Introductions Series, 2007. He has made two films on poetry, A Life in the Day of Desmond O’Grady, first screened at The Cork Film Festival, 2004; and a full length feature, Soundeye: Cork International Poetry Festival, 2005. Wyeth is a member of the Poetry Ireland Writers in Schools Scheme and runs an ongoing online Creative Writing workshop: www.creativewritingink.ie. He is also a freelance journalist with a regular column at The Southern Star and is a book reviewer at The Irish Times. Silent Music is his debut collection.

Books by Adam Wyeth:

Other poems on the web by Adam Wyeth:
Two poems
Two poems

About Silent Music:

"The idyll of West Cork, that poetic Arcady beyond Innishannon, the poet becoming embedded and implicated in the Irish landscape; all of this leaving behind a grey trail of anguished suburbia of family tension and jettisoned journeys. From the sexual implications of ‘Ode to the Globe’ to the charged aesthetic of ‘Silent Music,’ from the ‘balsamic scents’ of Zimbabwe to the shared excrement of ‘Life is Shit,’ Wyeth has tested and tasted of life’s anthology of displacement and love in exile.This first book is the complex home-coming of a voyager in many lands, the poems racked neatly like so many recovered umbrellas."
—Thomas McCarthy

"Adam Wyeth’s work is fresh and intriguing, alive with imaginative riffs, grave humour and more besides – it rewards close attention."
—Derek Mahon

"Adam Wyeth’s poetry is quirky and full of ideas: humorous, dark, romantic. He achieves a rhythmic musicality by playfully stretching and shaping language, rolling it around the tongue. A rising star."
—Ian Wild

"A strong and moving voice."
—The Independent

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