Today's poem is "The Listener, The Land"
from Climate Reply

New Michigan Press

Trey Moody's poems have appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Best New Poets 2009, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, and Indiana Review, among others. He holds an MFA from Texas State University and is pursuing a PhD at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, where he lives with his wife, Jennifer.

Books by Trey Moody:

Other poems on the web by Trey Moody:
"Salina, Kansas"
from And the Children
"{suburban sprawl}"
"{the builder's silence}"
"Salina, Kansas"

About Climate Reply:

"Reading Trey Moody’s poems feels a little like standing among flags slapping in a bright wind in a field of flags, except that it’s the middle of the night and each flag moves according to its own force. This new, serious, vivid, original voice reports from necessity. These beautiful poems are layered, foreboding, magnetic, preternaturally wise."
—Kathleen Peirce

"When I was a boy, I choked on a piece of candy outside the kitchen window for a few minutes while watching my parents making dinner. I thought I was going to die, but I didn’t want to scare them. Our existence was so separate, a dying and a doing well, an outside and an inside. Trey Moody’s poems hover in that cold, wet, refrigerator-lit place between the dying and the doing well, the outside and the inside. His poems are the thoughts of the person you love who is always standing behind you, slowly and silently suffocating. But they’re not afraid to say hello, and please, and I’m scared."
—Zachary Schomburg

"Artful without being pretentious, well-made without being staid, Trey Moody’s investigations of our weird and ordinary world are a little off, by which I mean that they’re onto something. Read ‘em and be crept into."
—Graham Foust

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