Today's poem is "Aubade with a Broken Neck"
from Rookery

Southern Illinois University Press

Traci Brimhall is a former Jay C. and Ruth Halls Poetry Fellow at the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing. Her poems have appeared in New England Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, FIELD, Southern Review, Indiana Review and other journals. She teaches creative writing at Western Michigan University where she is a doctoral associate.

Books by Traci Brimhall:

Other poems on the web by Traci Brimhall:
Two poems
"Through a Glass Darkly"
"Appalachian Aubade"
"Elegy for James Knox"
"At a Party on Ellis Island Watching Fireworks"
"One of the Maenads Speaks to the Singing Head of Orpheus as It Floats Downriver"
"Noli Me Tangere"
"Requiem for the Firstborn"
"A Year in Bedlam"
"How To Listen"
"Through a Glass Darkly"

Traci Brimhall's Website.

Traci Brimhall's Blog.

About Rookery:

"With a stunning mastery of metaphor, linguistic precision, and a soulful determined vision, Brimhall’s work reveals an artist tuned to the significance of everyday experience, from the panicking heartbeats of birds to the spiking pulse of mice."
—Dorianne Laux

"This emotionally articulate, intense debut gives us the myth of self in its various incarnations: elegiac, surreal, meditative, erotic, dreamlike. I love [Brimhall’s] luscious verbal texturing and lyric slipperiness, an assertive voice, a sensuality, a glow. A beautiful book."
—Ilya Kaminsky

"The poems in Traci Brimhall’s Rookery make beautiful the brutal as she casts an uncompromising eye on the vagaries of faith, the disappointments of the human heart—and the uneasy interstices between animal consciousness and ours. . . . Part incantation, part lamentation, the language in these poems is sensual and urgent."
—Claudia Emerson

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