Today's poem is "Zoological Garden"
from Girl on a Bridge

Main Street Rag Publishing Company

Suzanne Frischkorn is the author of Lit Windowpane, also from Main Street Rag Publishing (2008), and five chapbooks, most recently American Flamingo, (2008). Her poems appear in numerous journals and anthologies including, Ecotone, Indiana Review, Margie, Verse Daily and Conversation Pieces: Poems that Talk to Other Poems, part of Knopf’s Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets Series. A 2009 Emerging Writers Fellow of The Writer’s Center, her honors also include the Aldrich Poetry Award and an Artist Fellowship from the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism.

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December 5, 2008:   "The Tulip Thief, Mi Amor" "At first it was an ember; its glow I nursed..."

Books by Suzanne Frischkorn:

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Three poems
"'Indescretion of the American Housewife, 1954"
"Great Lash"

Suzanne Frischkorn's Website.

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About Girl on a Bridge:

"Suzanne Frischkorn is a fierce and fearless poet. In Girl on a Bridge, she first upends our dainty notions of girlhood and then leads us into the wilderness of violence, madness, fear, and love -- and does so with beauty and tenderness."
—Julianna Baggott

"Good citizens beware: Suzanne Frischkorn has let Girl on a Bridge loose on the world and she’s spreading the word about the furies of femininity and the madness of motherhood with its “stone weight of home.” These poems burn holes on the fairy tale pages of domestic fantasy and uncover the treacherous (though more exciting) narratives of those women who dare stray from the path or, at the very least, who celebrate their desires: “What’s more flattering than being wanted by a mouth that waters?” This book of finely-crafted verse holds up its poetry like a lovely razor blade."
—Rigoberto González

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