Today's poem is "Letter to the End of the Year"
from The Alchemist's Kitchen

White Pine Press

Susan Rich is the author of three collections of pooetry, The Cartographer's Tongue / Poems of the World, Cures Include Travel, and The Alchemist's Kitchen. She has received the PEN West Poetry Award, The Times Leterary Suppliment Award, and the Peace Corps Writers Award. Her fellowships include an Artists Trust Fellowship from Washington State and a Fullbright Fellowship to South Africa. She serves on the boards of Crab Creek Review, Floating Bridge Press and Whit Press. Rich has received residencies from Hedgebrook, Ucross Foundation, and Fundacion Valparaiso. Recent poems have appeared in the Antioch Review, Harvard Review, Poetry International and TriQuarterly. Born in Brookline, Massachusetts, she now makes her home in Seattle, Washington, where she teaches English and Film Studies at Highline Community College.

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About The Alchemist's Kitchen :

"This is art in the light of conscience, as Marina Tsvetaeva has written, voicing the sufferings of Somalia, Sarajevo and Screbrenica, history and its black ash of question marks yet it is also an art of praise. From The Alchemist's Kitchen spills an abundance of the world’s fruits, herbs and pastries, gestures of hospitality and regard, for Susan Rich is a poet who writes in the midst of things, and out of a searing awareness of loss and obliviousness to loss, desire and its absence, what it means to be spiritually awake, to behold human life in all its possibility, pathos and transience and yet say yes."
—Carolyn Forché

"Susan Rich’s The Alchemist's Kitchen : Kaleidoscopic curiosity, powerfully kinesthetic language, and an encompassing compassion range this abundant collection, in which personal and public realms serve as equal alembics for the distillation of both materia and light."
—Jane Hirshfield

"These are poems of praise and wonder graced by a delicate touch. In this, her third book, Rich examines and recognizes the constructed geography of our interior lives. And, as a result, we are given mid-life’s mature and Unexpected Song."
—Brian Turner

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