Today's poem is "Etymology"

from The Greensboro Review

Stephen Massimilla has recent poems in AGNI, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Tampa Review, and Verse Daily, among other journals. His books and poems have won the Bordighera Book Prize, the Grolier Poetry Prize. He received an MFA and a PhD from Columbia University, where he now teaches classics and modernist literature.

Other poems by Stephen Massimilla in Verse Daily:
November 3, 2007:   "Love Like Rocks" " Respect the rocks, the way they hold..."
September 28, 2005:   "Thinks Herself Precious at a Price" " Rounding the Cape Horn, you looked..."
March 16, 2003:  "Two in Tropic Twilight" "If I once quickened among the whips..."

Books by Stephen Massimilla:

Other poems on the web by Stephen Massimilla:
"Missed Signs"

Stephen Massimilla's Website.

About The Greensboro Review:

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Poetry Editor: Allison Seay

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