Today's poem is "Reconcile"
from Faulkner's Rosary

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Sarah Vap is the author Dummy Fire and American Spikenard. She currently lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her family, where she teaches poetry and is an editor at 42 Opus.

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About Faulkner's Rosary:

"Faulkner's Rosary, a sectioned length of beads, threads, words, lines, couplets (largely), poems, groups of poems; objects, scenes, and memories, and days, marked, of a pregnancy: 'Basic cells.' The couplet form clicks, and the individual words click, satisfyingly. The reader feels existence as any number of colored, transparent entities, but is finally not overwhelmed by how myriad they are. This is a poetry of light, edge, and coherence, and it is beautiful."
—Alice Notley

"Sarah Vap's exquisite third collection, Faulkner's Rosary, is a poetic 'Stabat Mater,' the expectant mother both altered (altared) and precisely meditative. Faulkner's Rosary tranmutes the body's magical chemistry into poetic alchemy with delicate, marvelous wisdom, I savored the intimacy of this book, its courage to express the particular and universal of becoming a parent, that larger knowledge of love's generosity. I am in awe of the rare beauty of these poems."
—Cynthia Hogue

"What is dangerous and what is benign, what is beautiful and what is perilous — these questions hover behind Faulkner's Rosary, and the responses to them, always doubled and always shifting, are the kind of instances the body has to live and die into... It's a wonderful and persausive book, one that I'm already finding myself returning to."
—John Gallaher

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