Today's poem is "Teleidoscope"
from Catch Light

Coffee House Press

Sarah O'Brien is a graduate of Brown University and the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Originally from Ohio, she is a frequent traveler who has lived in Cape Town, and resided most recently in Paris. She is the translator of Ryoko Sekiguchi's Heliotropes, and Catch Light is her first full-length collection of poetry.

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About Catch Light:

"This is a little Menippean satire on light. It is a dream of rectangles and an erotic history of photography. It is built with the softest tones, like slow shifts in a Morton Feldman quartet. Sarah O'Brien proves that poetry can be made of the subtlest differences and leaves the reader in the happy position of being light-sensitive as a plant. Her book has a rare unity, as if each page were part of a serial thinking in white Conté crayon. One is lost in shadow, and one is found in a festival of color. Such a book of persistence, always flickering with a slightly mad taste for the naked device: an aesthetic audacity. The subject matter of such refined poetry is perception itself."
—David Shapiro

"Brilliant—scintillating—dazzling—all the adjectives that come to mind go right to the heart of this luminous, haunting first book. Catch Light is prismatic, refracting light into all its aspects—sun, sight, cinema, photograph, kaleidoscope, eclipse—revealing deeply human connections among them all through their common intersection in memory. ‘We cannot drown in the sun,' says O'Brien, but in this book, we do."
—Cole Swensen

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