Today's poem is "Perennial"
from God, Seed

Tebot Bach

Rebecca Foust's book, All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song, won the 2008 Many Mountains Moving Book Award and was released in April 2010. Two chapbooks, Mom's Canoe and Dark Card, received the Robert Phillips Prize in 2007 and 2008. Foust's poems are in current or forthcoming issues of Arts & Letters Journal, Margie, The North American Review, The Hudson Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, and others.

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About God, Seed:

"God, Seed, a beautiful mix of words and images...light and deep. Good for the eye, mind and heart"
—William Wiley

"God, Seed is lyrical, intense, and concerned with issues of our planet’s survival. Foust has a fierce yet loving attitude towards nature and human nature. Many of her luminous, insightful poems are paired with paintings by gifted artist Lorna Stevens. This is a book to read and treasure."
—Susan Terris

"God, Seed, is the product of true collaboration where the images speak to the text. Both create a beautiful and insightful view into seasons and cycles of the natural world."
—Deirdre Lawrence

"Rebecca Foust knows what goes on in 'the cricket-sung, grass-sweet dark,' and she isn’t afraid to sing it. If there are moments of anxiety, intimations of mortality—if, as she writes, "ours is the curse of the blighted touch"—they cannot, in the end, overwhelm the exuberant, muscular joy that emanates both from Foust's poems, and from Lorna Stevens' charming and evocative illustrations. Together, the words and pictures of God, Seed make a beguiling duet, a fine romance, a garden of earthly and, at times, unearthly delights."
—Troy Jollimore

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