Today's poem is "What You Work For"
from All That Gorgeous, Pitiless Song

Many Mountains Moving Press

Rebecca Foust won the 2008 MMM Press Poetry Book Prize for All That Gorgeous, Pitiless Song. Her other books include God, Seed (forthcoming fromTebot Bach Press: 2010), environmental poetry with art by Lorna Stevens, and two chapbooks, Mom's Canoe and Dark Card (Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prizes, 2007 and 2008). Foust received her MFA from Warren Wilson College in 2010.

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Rebecca Foust's Website.

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About All That Gorgeous, Pitiless Song:

"All That Gorgeous, Pitiless Song brims with amplitude and vitality. By virtue of her unsentimental warmth of spirit, Foust brings to life an immense range of experience and feeling. This poet’s emotional intelligence correlates, too, with her formal skill, that unique talent for phrase and rhythm with which she makes a whole world palpable, from the hugest events that mark a life to those moments as subtle as ‘some nuance you knew once What You Work For breath.’ Rebecca Foust is a superb poet, and All That Gorgeous, Pitiless Song is a tremendous book."
—Peter Campion

"Rebecca Foust moves us with passion and intelligence as she broods over what 'divides false / from true.' Her voice, attuned to beauty and hope though often engaged with the hard news of life, startles in its honest, unstinting inventiveness. She writes of generations, of hardscrabble origins, of striving against odds, of motherhood, nature, intimate triumphs and woes. This is poetry of the greatest promise, a book not to be missed."
—Barry Spacks

"Rebecca Foust's new book is rich with mature empathies and complex connective gestures. Foust's is the poetry of a grown woman—naturalist and thinker, neighbor and clear-worded artist, mother of an autistic son, partner in a long marriage, citizen of a house and a world. Her remarkable strength, vision, and good-spirited clarity carry these poems from the Alleghenies to the California coast, from wild swans to the daily gifts and domestic traumas that shape and sustain a life."
—David Baker

"I find All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song astonishingly beautiful. Yet at the same time it is powerfully moving, aimed at the heart of the culture we share."
—Susan Griffin

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