Today's poem is "El Dorado (Goodbye, Utah)"
from The Sky’s Weight

Turning Point Books

Rane Arroyo is a Puerto Rican/Latino who was born in Chicago, the city where he began his career as a performance artist in the art galleries of the 1980's. Falling in love with the writing aspects of his solo theater work, he began publishing poems and stories in small and major magazines and eventually found a wide readerships from many different groups. Beside being included in the newest Heath Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Arroyo won the 2004-05 John Ciardi Poetry Prize for The Portable Famine; the 1997 Carl Sandburg Poetry Prize for his book The Singing Shark; a 1997 Pushcart Prize for the poem "Breathing Lessons" as published in Ploughshares. Other awards include: Stonewall Books Chapbook Prize; The Sonora Review Chapbook Prize, the Hart Crane Memorial Poetry Prize, and, recently, a 2007 Ohio Arts Council Excellence Award in Poetry.

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About The Sky’s Weight:

"Always fresh, always inventive, Arroyo calls from a magnificent inner awareness, reminding us in lines both playful and wise that our own flaws save us."
—Molly Peacock

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