Today's poem is "Marvel the Magician's Last Will and Testament"
from The Casanova Chronicles

Etruscan Press

Myrna Stone is the author of two previous books of poems, How Else to Love the World and The Art of Loss—and a recipient of a Vermont Studio Center Fellowship and Ohio Arts Council Fellowships in Poetry.

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Books by Myrna Stone:

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About The Casanova Chronicles:

"Sonnets spoken by parrots? Couplets rhymed by a ventriloquist's dummy? A book of poems like no other, wonderfully oddball yet technically impressive, The Cassanova Chronicles offers more wonders than a cabinet of curiosities, more pleasures than a night of vaudeville. The legendary lover himself comes alive through voices spiked variously with sympathy, humor, and bile. That's Myrna Stone's gift: to lay bare the hearts that throb beneath feathers and flesh, and sometimes even wood."
—Michael Waters

"In this wild, sexy, exuberantly off-the-wall collection, parrots, puppets, and the great Casanova take turns force-feeding Viagra to the stuffy old sonnet. But it's Myrna Stone's Rabelaisian gift for language that really steals the show. My head's still spinning."
—George Bilgere

"These poems rant, chatter, cajole, prate, excoriate. Each is a busy bee, a chatterbox, a blabbermouth in which a husband talks so seamy to his wife that a waiter has to shut him up or an aged Casanova catalogs his bowed legs, his paunch, his loose flesh. Stone's lines crackle with wit and insight and burst from the page like a dropped bottle of soda pop. Put this book in the other room when you go to bed tonight — it's noisy!"
—David Kirby

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