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from Fourteen Hills

MRB Chelko's poems appeared (or will soon appear) this year in issues of The Portland Review, Light, Contrary, LUMINA, Silk Road, Muse&Stone, Scarab, and anderbo.com. She was awarded both lst and 2nd prize in the 2009 LUMINA poetry contest, judged by Ilya Kaminsky. Her first chapbook, What to Tell the Sleeping Babies (sunnyoutsidepress), is forthcoming.

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April 27, 2006:   "Hunger Essay" " He shows me a place in the forest..."

Books by MRB Chelko:

Other poems on the web by MRB Chelko:
"Six Recurring Dreams"
"Letter to a Shrinking Window"

MRB Chelko's Blog.

MRB Chelko according to Wikipedia.

About Fourteen Hills:

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Fourteen Hills: The SFSU Review * Department of Creative Writing * San Francisco State University * 1600 Holloway Avenue * San Francisco, CA 94132-1722 Poetry Editors: Hollie Hardy * Tera Ragan
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