Today's poem is "Snake Handlers"
from The Keeper's Voice

Louisiana State University Press

Mike Carson was the first holder of the Melvin M. Peterson Chair in English Literature at the University of Evansville, where he teaches medieval and Renaissance English, specializing in Shakespeare and Milton. His poems have appeared in many journals, including the Southern Review, Five Points, and the New Virginia Review.

Books by Mike Carson:

About The Keeper's Voice:

"There are quick trading levels of consciousness here, as say in the work of the Elder Brueghel—exchanges of image conducted by the clearest sounds as if by large mirrors. These values find a memorable important lyric achievement, both human and eerie, in Carson's brilliant first book. What wonderful work."
—Norman Dubie

"Wherever the world, seen and unseen, beckons his attention, Carson responds with meticulously formed poems that possess—like the bats he observes in one such poem—'in their close passes / the whispers of absolute location.'"
—Claudia Emerson

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